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  • Taken from Sophia Loizou’s debut album, Chrysalis, to be released Sept 15th. Mixed and mastered by Subtext’s Paul Jebanasam. Designed by Alex Digard of Tape-Echo in an edition of 100 cassettes.

    An exploration of conflict and balance. Using a unique set of sonic transformations, synthetic materials and archival recordings of life both natural and mechanised, the work depicts forms across a diverse range of scales from the microscopic to those which exceed measurement entirely.

  • Icosaedro/Icosahedron on Flickr.

    Icosahedron in Valparaíso

  • co-production by @yoshi

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    free download in VA/2 Discos Cetaceos.

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  • Ikonika: Position (Hyperdub 2014)

    Position - Taken From The Position EP - Hyperdub 2014 25/08

  • Silent Fall b/w Odyssey is the first single taken from ‘imagin,’ our debut album.